Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Writing is on the Walls

This is the first entry in our gallery blog. Please feel free to comment openly. As the exhibits change, the blog will be updated. Enjoy......-Terri

It's a Sunday afternoon in the gallery. It is just before Sukkot, and the JCC is beaming with families. This place has really changed since the day I began my position as Gallery Director a few years ago. The current exhibit we have is an amazing collection of antique posters from the Zionist 2000 collection. Zionist 2000 is a movement for social change established after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. The movement's mission is advocating social responsibility, based on belief that one can take action, initiate change and make a difference. Ronny Douek began a collection of posters about 12 years ago. The posters are original posters from as early as 1920. Their allure lies in what they reflect: ideology, values, a national sociology and a naive outlook, as well as the experience of emotions of a certain period of time.

These posters are fascinating and are moving landmarks in the development of Israeli society, the Hebrew language and political propaganda. It is my hope you will take the time before November 16th and stop by our gallery and experience it for yourself.


Les said...

You have fulfilled a previously unsatisfied need in our community in a most remarkable fashion. Keep up the good work.

I'm proud of you!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your father. This is a very fine effort and is in keeping with the great work you are doing in the Gallery. JOEL

Anonymous said...

As your adopted parents, we are only too happy to see the new blog that you have done.. we wish you lots of success, continued long and happy life with love..
manny and Natalie

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri
For what I am see on the Internet it look great like the other shows .We Derk and I jolanda are Proud of you to and follow you from The Netherlands .
Go on with your great shows .

Derk and Jolanda from Holland Netherland

chrisie said...

very...very nice presention and a talent for words...which impresses me highly...with this posting you have invited be to explore more...can't wait to see the show...good luck starting the blog process...wishing great success for you and the gallery...our community is blessed to have you...your efforts...and the gallery


ES said...

As one of your adopted Israeli family members I'd like to say I am proud of you too, your'e spark for art is clear to see in the gallery and these shows just keep getting better.
Crazy Cat Lady

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed with all of the doves, and hope that you will have a successful auction. I will be there to bid on at least two of the doves shown. I do not think that many people are aware, let them know how great the doves are and of course the gallerly.
on time.