Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It seems this army man will stop at nothing to get a look at some great art; I don't know why he doesn't just use the doors. He's currently on exhibit in the gallery skylight so stop by and say "hello".

...This gives a whole new meaning to the term guerilla art.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Congrats to Mrs. Levin!

Our wonderful Assistant Director Hillary got hitched over the weekend!
It was a beautiful wedding filled with lots of love!
We wish you and Jordan many many years of health and happiness! Mazol Tov!

For the first time in over two decades a painting of Janice Charach's is available for sale.

There was a brief period in Janice’s painting career when she added text to her work. Below you will find a prime example of some of her poetic text.

Note: This is a big big painting – guys!! Thanks for the callings…Boudour de Bleu – or Beach blanket Bingo- starring: Annette Full of Jello & Fabian…Cough, gag & joke folks!! No- it’s a cough, gag, choke & joke folks! Hay – Hey, cats and sweet barley. I heard it at Felice & Harry’s: “There’s gold in them there hills?” Spelling – teachers??? Line#2. I think I am on “sea peace.” The lady has been brought to you tonight by “silk & satin” from Lord & Taylor…” “ “ “…long shot honey!!!

For more information on this painting contact the gallery at 248-432-5579

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Opening the Doors To Fulfill Our Mission

The opening was wonderful! We had such a nice crowd. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our emerging artists and our beautiful gallery. On the upper level we had selected works by Janice Charach. To honor her memory, we created the emerging artist show.

As I begin my third year as Gallery director, I look back on all the young artists whose paths have crossed with mine. I think of their energy, their love of life, their hopes and dreams. They all bring me back to Janice Charach.

Although I never met Janice, I’ve heard so much about her and her wonderful qualities: her love of life and painting, her compassion and support for young artists. I also know Janice and I would have been great friends.

Visitors to the Gallery often stop to talk to me about Janice. When they come here they feel reconnected with her and are happy to see that her dream of helping emerging artists has come true.

Every day I come to work with joy and excitement. I know that what we do here at the Gallery really makes a difference for these artists, and this knowledge would make Janice break out in that unforgettable smile I often hear about and see in pictures.

Janice probably could never have imagined what an impact she had on this wonderful world of art. We were so lucky to have her. I promise to continue Janice’s compassion for and commitment to young artists. This is my job, and I am the luckiest person alive to live that dream: Janice’s dream, her family’s dream and yes, my dream, too.

Terri Stearn
Gallery Director