Monday, June 8, 2009

For the first time in over two decades a painting of Janice Charach's is available for sale.

There was a brief period in Janice’s painting career when she added text to her work. Below you will find a prime example of some of her poetic text.

Note: This is a big big painting – guys!! Thanks for the callings…Boudour de Bleu – or Beach blanket Bingo- starring: Annette Full of Jello & Fabian…Cough, gag & joke folks!! No- it’s a cough, gag, choke & joke folks! Hay – Hey, cats and sweet barley. I heard it at Felice & Harry’s: “There’s gold in them there hills?” Spelling – teachers??? Line#2. I think I am on “sea peace.” The lady has been brought to you tonight by “silk & satin” from Lord & Taylor…” “ “ “…long shot honey!!!

For more information on this painting contact the gallery at 248-432-5579

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