Thursday, October 16, 2008


One of my favorite parts of being the Gallery Director is meeting such amazing artists in our community. Not only are they talented people, they are people commited to the arts in our community. Our gallery wouldn't continue running without these dedicated artists! They donate they work and their time to help raise money for us. Months ago, when we decided as a gallery to do this Dove Project, we thought it might be hard to find artists willing to give of their time and their "art". Well nope, that wasn't the case. We had so many artists showing interest, we actually had to turn people away! So thank you so much to:


Romero Britto

Joyce Brodsky

Rodney Dunne

Terry Lee Dills

Lisa Fox

Jacqueline Goldstein

Ilene Kahan

Mollene Levin

Mark Lit

Mimi McHale

Cynthis Neilson

Lesley Serri

Steven Tapper

Edie Simons

Allyn Stearn

Abby Stybel

Please come see these doves in person, they really are wonderful! They are now on silent auction in the gallery until November 13th. On Sunday November 16th at 5:30p.m. we will have a live auction allowing you to purchase these amazing one-of-kind works of art, and help support our gallery! You too can help make a difference!

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