Saturday, February 8, 2014

THE DIRTY SHOW! International Erotic Art Exhibition

Last night the 15th annual Dirty Show opened in Detroit at it's new location in the Russell Industrial Exhibition Space. The space was a genius idea in itself. I'm guessing there will be many new events happening in this enormous, raw and edgy exhibition center. I have been to this show for many years, and have learned a lot of the art is really meant to just shock you. Not shock you like eeewwwww gross, I mean shock you like WHAT THE FUCK! (I suppose that is why they call it an international erotic art show) For those of you that know me, I do not shock easily, but this year there were several pieces that made even me blush. For instance: (and this was one of the milder ones I thought I could post) Fez by Tony Waligorski. The performances are definitely the highlight for the crowd. (aka my husband and his friend Doug) Amateur acts including, girls using giant feather fans to reenact a burlesque show, a giant blow up of the female body where you could actually unzip her and take a peek inside ( I passed), several bondage displays, and let's not forget the twins acrobatics on the stripper pole. (Betcha 5 bucks they aren't really twins) Crowd watching is by far my favorite activity. I saw a man dressed in yellow vinyl with the word pig on his back, another man wearing a leash which his date carefully pulled as she walked him through the exhibition, and a lot of trannies, bad trannies too, did I mention a lot? (In case my mom reads this Usually after opening night, there are a lot more pieces sold then this year, I only saw about 4 or 5 red dots, but then again I didn't see anyone helping with sales. The ticket price went up again this year, but I will always pay whatever the admission is because The Dirty Show is just that, Dirty. Below I picked 3 of my favorite pieces from the pool of work I considered erotic or dirty, but not gross get me a puke bucket. I took pictures of the artist cards so I could remember their names, but apparently my camera was drunk last night so I only know the first piece is by artist belozero. I will get the the other artists names today and will update it then.

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Whoa! I am for sure going to this next year. Thanks for the post.