Monday, March 2, 2009

Irwin Alterman lecture

This past Sunday, we had a wonderful lecture at the Charach gallery. Irwin Alterman, the guest curator of the current exhibit, (The Fifth Question, Why so Many Haggadot?) spoke to us about his outstanding collection of Haggadot. He spoke of the history of the Haggadah, the things that made Haggadot different from one another, and the things that all Haggadahs must have. He even told us how a 5 year old would be able to tell if it was indeed a traditional Haggadah. Irwin also spoke of the illustrations, including depictions of Hitler as the Evil son, and how the Prague Haggadah illustrations are still commonly used today. (thanks to not having a copyright) He showed examples of how in one depiction of the Four Sons, it illustrates that a part of all of us individually, is in each son. He showed beautiful examples of different borders in the haggadot, and invited people to leaf threw some of his collection.

We would like to Thank Irwin and his fiancee Marilyn for helping us bring this wonderful exhibit to life!

A special thank you goes out to Larry and Andi Wolfe, Stanley Frankel, and Paula and Lou Glazier for allowing us to include their items in the exhibit as well.

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